Pre-Purchase Appraisal

pre-purchase appraisalIn many instances, a pre-purchase appraisal is requested by the parties involved with a potential purchase or sale of a property to obtain the market value. This might be to determine the sale price, help negotiate a fair sale price, or to set an offering price. Buying a home is a substantial investment and often the largest financial purchase most people will make in their lives. By obtaining a pre-purchase appraisal from Sandy Springs Home Appraiser, the buyer and seller become more informed about the property and its value.

A neutral, unbiased appraisal from Sandy Springs Home Appraiser will give you an accurate reflection of value of the property you want to purchase and a basis for an offer. This information can be shared with both the real estate and current homeowner to show them an actual market value when you submit an offer. Having expert help is beneficial because our company has the experience and the right human resource to help individual, as well as seasoned real estate personnel, give a fair list price that helps sell homes successfully.

At Sandy Springs Home Appraiser, we have a long history of working with home buyers trying to make an informed decision and realtors needing additional support for their client’s benefit. In either situation, we can help you determine the real market value of your particular property, give you accurate, detailed analysis of the market, and provide you with important property characteristics as part of the professional appraisal report.

Sandy Springs Home Appraiser has been performing appraisals in your neighborhood for nearly two decades. We are familiar with the Sandy Springs area and the individual neighborhoods there within. We are also state licensed and a member of AGREA (Association of Georgia Real Estate Appraisers). Call us today for your free consultation.