Expert Witness Appraisal Service

Our expert witnesses at Sandy Springs Home Appraiser have been called upon to assist in case studies. As experts in our field, we can assist lawyers in evaluating their case, help determine if the claim has merit, and give specific and knowledgeable information to the council. An expert witness may be called upon to provide written statements, as well. With our experienced and knowledgeable staff, Sandy Springs Home Appraiser is qualified to testify at a deposition or trial with supporting documents and evidence. With the use of our expert witnesses, your case will be argued with complete confidence and experience.

At Sandy Springs Home Appraiser, we believe all our real estate appraisal reports meet or exceed the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and generally recognized industry standards, techniques, and methodologies. If, however, we are hired to appraise an interest that will eventually go to court, additional research is usually required to search out empirical data and peer-reviewed articles to further support a real estate valuation opinion. However, it should be understood that because a real estate appraisal opinion is generally regarded in the industry as an art and not a science, appraiser experience and skill level is also extremely important in expert court testimony.

A real estate appraisal expert must remain unbiased when testifying in a real estate matter. Therefore, we cannot be an advocate for either side, unless you hire us as a consultant and not as an appraiser. As a consultant, we can consult with you and advise you about the relative strength of an appraisal presented by opposing parties. We can also perform additional real estate research and analysis to support or discredit assumptions or conclusions. If hired as an appraiser, we must remain unbiased and neutral.

For your expert witness testimony, hire an appraiser you can trust. Call Sandy Springs Home Appraiser today.