Why Us

about usAs state licensed appraisers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, we offer reliable home appraisals to suit almost any purpose. We have many years of combined experience providing pre-listing appraisals, pre-contract appraisals, divorce appraisals, and tax appeal appraisals.

We serve the entire city of Sandy Springs and surrounding areas providing appraisals in Fulton County, appraisals in DeKalb County, and appraisals in Cobb County.

We provide appraisals for homeowners, realtors, attorneys, and investors.

At Sandy Springs Home Appraiser we do appraisals if you are selling your home on your own or with a real estate agent, for property tax assessments, removal of PMI to reduce your monthly mortgage payment, verification of another appraiser’s report, determination of the true value of the real estate in question to settle an estate, dispute settlement appraisals, investment property appraisals, litigation appraisals, debt relief appraisals, bankruptcy appraisals, foreclosure appraisals, and land use appraisals.

We provide high-quality appraisal services in a timely and cost effective manner.

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